why choose wallpaper?

Wallpaper Captures Your Style and Vibe

Wallpaper is such a highly effective way of personalising design. Whether you’re looking for colourful or neutral, patterned or abstract, textured or flat, geometric or floral — There are many ways to add your own individual impact to any space. with wallpaper.

When narrowing down which style of wallpaper might work for your home, start with some research to see what kind of wallpapers you like.
We can help you Research what colours, patterns, themes or textures you are drawn to. Completing this research with our team will allow you to see all the beautiful options available to you.

Wallpaper Doesn't Need to Overwhelm

No matter who you are, what your design style or what your home is like, there is a wallpaper out there for you that will capture all that you hope for in your home design.

Whether it's bold / colourful prints or more understated options, wallpaper can help you create the feel and look you are after. Perhaps a small-scale print or an abstract pattern feels more natural in your space.

Textured wallpaper prints lend warmth, depth and comfort to any room. However, choosing solid-coloured, patterned wallpapers can add a lush feel to your room design.

The addition of wallpaper, no matter how subtle, can go a long way to creating a personalised and beautifully curated look in your space.

Wallpaper Can Be Featured Like Art!

There are so many beautifully crafted wallpapers to choose from and many more ways to add a custom touch.

A feature wall is one of the easiest and most impactful ways to make a statement, using wallpaper like art.

Featuring wallpaper on a single wall adds character, charm and individuality — like an original painting would.

Feature walls also give you a chance to go big and bold with your paper choice so your wall really projects that art-like vibe.

Whether for a full-wall, a partial-wall or an odd-shaped nook, wallpaper can create a distinct design feature in your home, as well as a pretty focal point in your space.

Wallpaper Works in Unconventional Spaces!

Wallpaper can make the biggest impact in small or unusual spaces and is a great way of making a tiny, odd-shaped or unconventional room into a stunning space.

Adding wallpaper to an interesting area in your home is also an inexpensive way to add some serious design cred, as usually one or two rolls will do the trick.

Wallpaper Is Not Forever & Can be Removed Easily

Contemporary coverings along with the adhesives have changed a lot and you don't have to worry that your wallpaper will be there forever or left with a mess should you choose to redesign your space.

We will ensure that walls are properly prepped and primed, and that your wallpaper is applied to last.

Wallpapers Are Low Maintenance

Contemporary wallpapers are much more durable and low maintenance than most of us realise.

We have access to a range of beautiful commercial grade wallpapers which are extremely durable and easily washable, making your wallpaper less like to scratch, tear or stain!

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