stucco finishes

This surface design using polished plaster, concrete or unusual finishes like minerals or metallics are becoming the finish of choice in many high-end commercial bars, restaurants office spaces, and homes.

Whether it's walls, floors, ceilings or even artwork, these features can be incorporated into your project.


Minerals Present a new romance in colours - The foundation of the Novacolor range.

🌎 Inspired by nature these mineral plasters are truly connected to the earth, based on the colour hues and specific mineral content within them, a fusion of reflections and different nuances.

The Minerals range is where we can truly explore with stencilling, overlaying and textures, whilst experimenting to create amazing bespoke complex finishes.


A Chromatic Collection with Ancient Patina Effect

Our clients are looking for something special and bespoke to create an atmosphere of opulence and quality.

The Metallic product provides elemental finishes for high impact for those special moments where a simpler finish won't do. This range evokes beauty and elegance, often creating surprise and delight at the complexity and lustre of the finishes. Taking more time to create these designs, it feels special!

Give your Project the finish it deserves with a range of products to choose from including; Metallo Fuso, Dune, Dune Opaco, Africa, Swahili, Animamundi, Zeus and R-Stone.


A Classic Finish that’s understated and timeless

We can create a concrete feel for urban design and an innovative fusion between elegant architectural lines and the strength of concrete.

The versatility that Archi+, Concrete and Tadelakt gives any installation means that the concrete finish can have a level of detail and texture to suit any requirements.

This is an application that works well on larger surface areas yet can be very effective in smaller areas.

You could choose simple and elegant smooth Marmorino, or rugged and timeless concrete. The concrete products include; Archi+ Concrete, Archi+ Tadelakt, Archi+ Big and Concrete by Novacolor.


Time is at the centre of Novacolor’s Oxidation line of products, finishes that reproduce the natural flow of time.

A decorative coating with rust effect. IRONic produces an oxidative effect exactly like the effect of an iron surface which has undergone natural corrosion, Surfaces decorated with IRONic are dynamic and the aesthetic can change over time.

Verderame_Wall Painting:
Decorative coating with green-copper oxidation effect. Verderame_Wall Painting is a system consisting of a base coat, Verderame_WP Fondo, and an oxidative finish, Verderame_WP Liquido Antichizzante.

Protective, transparent water-based product for interior and exterior oxidised finishes. 2Screen is a protective, transparent water-based product, for the protection of interior and exterior vertical surfaces, treated with oxidised finishes. Its special formulation creates a thin filmogenic barrier that reduces normal crumbling of the oxidised surfaces and increases resistance to water.

The oxidation produced is similar to the effect of a green copper surface naturally exposed to atmospheric agents.

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